A Caring,
Team Approach

Our hospitals function as an extension of the services offered by your family veterinarian. We work as a team to provide continuity of care, and assist your pet to achieve a speedy and full recovery. Your family veterinarian is skilled in many areas as a general practitioner, but recognizes that at times it is in your pet’s best interest to utilize the advanced services we provide.

Please note that our services include emergency and intensive care, with no appointment necessary. We do not offer vaccinations or perform routine health care.

our commitment

The staff and doctors at the PESC are committed to providing you with exceptional service and your pets with exceptional care.

When you visit our hospitals, you will find us fulfilling this commitment by:

  • Thoroughly explaining your pet’s medical condition
  • Answering all questions completely
  • Explaining all of the treatment and diagnostic options presented
  • Explaining all the associated charges clearly and thoroughly
  • Ensuring a veterinarian is available to speak with you about any aspect of your pet’s care
  • Keeping your family veterinarian updated on your pet’s care while at our hospital
  • Offering the best care possible