your first appointment: what to do

If your pet is referred to our hospital, please call to schedule an appointment with a specialist and allow two hours for your pet’s initial visit. Please bring copies of your pet’s medical information (records, lab results, X-rays) from your family veterinarian for our medical specialists to review. We offer convenient early admission and day care for follow up treatment or specialized diagnostic testing. An entire day or overnight stay may be necessary for procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia.

To assist in your check-in process, please use the links to the lower right to download any appropriate hospital forms.

why your pet may be referred to our hospital

  • You have an emergency at a time your family veterinarian is not available.
  • Your pet needs a special procedure such as ultrasound, endoscopy, advanced surgery or specialized therapy.
  • Your pet would benefit from a consultation with one of our specialists.
  • Your pet needs post-surgical or continual critical care.

Hospital Forms

To assist in your check-in process, download the appropriate form here and bring it with you for your visit with us.